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About Morgenstern Books
Our mission is to nurture connection, encourage learning, and inspire delight.
Morgenstern Books strives to offer opportunities for people to share experiences that help bring forth connection and a sense of unity.
?We envision a world illuminated by the sharing of books, ideas, and understanding.

Our Story
?Did you know? In the 1990’s, the original Morgenstern’s was a beloved community bookstore in Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University. It was forced to close its business due to national chain competition coming into town. Twenty-some years later the national chains have left and Bloomington is starved for more local bookstores!

We're bringing Bloomington back to its roots and filling a longstanding void of local, community-driven bookstores in town. There couldn't be a better moment for Morgenstern's to step in as a shared community space to bring people together through books, art, coffee, and connection.

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